1. Help fetch a better asking price when you put your home up on the market. There was a study recently done by the real estate survey board in California in which it was discovered that simply by changing out a home’s shades or other window coverings for new ones, the homeowner could receive an extra few thousand dollars on the property. The study was looking specifically at a number of small changes that could be made to a property before sale, in order to bring up the price, without spending a lot of cash, and window coverings were at the very top of the list for ways to really give a home a fresh look, with a very minimal amount of effort. The window covering industry has used the findings in the study to their full advantage, and sites such as, have commercial ads which proclaim new window coverings as a must for people that are looking to put their homes up for sale. The finding even found that people who paid to have their homes painted, (something that can be very expensive) were able to only ask for as much additional money on their homes, as those who took the simple step of changing their shades out. For folks that are now, or will soon be placing their homes on the market, there may be not better method for bringing more attention and getting a better price, than by placing some new window covering in their home.
  2. Shades are the most effective type of window covering when it comes to regulating the temperature of your home. Unlike other window coverings, shades have the added advantage of saving people money on their heating and cooling bills. There are specialty shades made for both hot and cold climate situations, and both have proven to be extremely effective at keeping a home from getting too hot or cold when the temperature hits the extreme levels. Reflective shades made from a material very similar to that of space blankets, can create an enormous amount of heat in an averaged sized living space, in some cases as much as 15 degrees. There are also other types of winter shades which are designed to reduce the draft that can enter from even the best of windows. Likewise, shades designed for keeping the heat out use blackout material to stop sunlight from getting into the home, and they can help people that have an excess of sunlight from having to run their AC units all day long.
  3. Shades can be a real plus for people that suffer from allergies. Other types of window coverings, such as shutters and blinds, are great for many uses, yet they are hard to clean, and they can be one of the leading places for air pollutants to acuminate. Blinds can be easily removed and thrown in the washer machine, as often as desire, so they never accumulate a large sum of dust when the pollen count is high, or when other air particles are flying around.